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Disadvantages of China’s One-Child Policy

March 25, 2009 by rhee71 · 3 Comments · Evaluation, Research

There are several disadvantages to China’s one-child policy.

  1. The one-child policy rule has made a preference in China for male babies over female babies even worse.  This has caused cases of abortion of baby girls, neglecting girl babies, abandoning them, and even killing them.
  2. Some parents, instead of killing or abandoning their girl babies, offer them for legal or illegal adoption.  Sometimes the parents sell the girls.
  3. Because of the bad actions against girl babies, 114 boys are born for every 100 girls.  Because of this imbalance, some men can’t find women to marry.  This has lead to kidnapping and sale of women for marriage.  It has also increased the number of prostitutes and the number of men who go to them, and the cases of sexual diseases.
  4. In some areas, Chinese officials forced pregnant women who didn’t have permission to have a baby to get abortions or be sterilized.  They made families who violated the one-child policy pay steep fines.
  5. Before people can marry, they have to be tested.  If they are called “unsatisfactory” because of a physical or mental condition, they can’t get married or have children.
  6. Because of the one-child policy, a single person can be supporting both their parents and their four grandparents.  This forces the parents and grandparents to depend more on retirement savings or pensions, which many people don’t have.  If those fail, everything depends on the one child.  If that child can’t support their family, or if the one child dies, the parents and grandparents will have no one to help them, and no money to support them.
  7. The one-child policy also causes the “4:2:1” ratio, where a married couple has to support all four of their parents and their child.  This means that two people are responsible for supporting seven people in their family!
  8. Because of the one-child policy, plus better health care, there are more and more older people, and fewer young people in the work force to support them.  This will affect China’s economy, as well as the well-being of the people.
  9. Because they only have one child, some parents over-indulge them.  These spoiled children are called “Little Emperors” by the Chinese.  The Chinese worry that these children won’t be willing to support their family.

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  • Marly

    Rhee, great job! You have some really good disadvantages. You really explained the problems, and that shows that you know the issue well. I don’t think that you left anything out that you need. It’s awesome that you did more than you needed. This will help you once you are writing your thesis essay.

  • zena21

    Good Job Rhee. Those are all really god disadvantages. And you gave a explanation, which will help you right your thesis essay!

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